*Important note:  All devices will automatically unregister at the end of the Spring Semester and at the end of the Fall Semester.  On these dates, you will have to follow the below procedures to reregister your device. 

Steps to Connect to OKRAnet

  1. Go to “Wi-Fi Settings” on your device.
  2. Select “OKRAnet” Wi-Fi network.
  3. Once the authentication method screen pops up, Select "Employee/Student Sign-in."
  4. Read and accept the terms to continue.
  5. Enter your "email username(ex: jdoe66)" and "password", click "Submit"
    1. Faculty and Staff , please use your DSU email credentials
    2. Students, please use your OKRAmail credentials.
  6. The “Enabling Network Access” will display with status bar.
  7. You’re now connected!

A user may have up to 7 devices registered under their account.