Banner Data Reporting using the Argos reporting tool. 

Do you need access to information in order to make better and more timely decisions?  We are here to  help you!  Argos is the official reporting tool and system used by the University for generating data reports.  

Depending on the nature of the data needed and the reason for the data, additional approvals may be required.  We have many reports that have already been created and could be used depending on your request.  If this request involves creating a new report, depending on the complexity of the report and the projects that are already in queue, it may take a few weeks to provide your data request.

To request a report please complete the request form below. (This form is for departmental use by Delta State University faculty and staff only.)

Currently, access to Argos is only available for ON-CAMPUS use, or by connecting to campus through our VPN.

To request a report please complete the Argos Report Request Form below: 

Argos Report Request Form

For help on how to run a report in Argos, download the Argos tutorial attachment below. 


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