First Time Login Setup Instructions First Time Login Setup Instructions

First Time Login Setup Instructions


Once your account has been created and if this is your first time logging into the DSU portal or other system, you will be directed to create a multi-factor login.  Multi-factor login helps to keep your account and other systems at the university safe.  Multi-factor just means that you have to have another form of login other than your username and password.  At DSU you have multiple options for setting this up.

Follow the simple instructions below: 

Login at:

Your username does NOT include the domain name. (I.e. or For example, if your email address is then your username will be jdoe.

Security Questions/Answers – these are required for all users and will be used as the primary method of authentication if you do not choose one of the optional methods below. You will need to select your security questions from the list provided and type the answer in the box below each question.  Please make sure you type your answers correctly as the text will be hidden. You can use the eye icon on the right of your answers to verify your responses were typed correctly. After you are satisfied with your selections, click the submit button.

You are required to create security questions/answers and at least one other optional method. Other optional methods are:

  • Email – an email message will be sent to a secondary email address (MUST NOT be a “” or “” email address) containing a security code that will need to be entered.
  • Phone – a text message will be sent to your device with a code that will need to be entered.
  • Google Authenticator – You will need to have this app downloaded from your device’s app store, and follow the instructions provided on the Authenticator tab to configure the app. Once configured you will be able to use the code from the app to log in.

After selecting your questions and answers, click “submit” to save your responses. On future logins, you will be prompted to enter your secondary authentication information.

If you're still having trouble, no worries! We are here to help! Call us at 662-846-4444 or submit an IT help desk ticket here