What is Banner?


You may have heard the term "Banner" or Ellucian Banner" around campus but what does that really mean? 

Banner is the university's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which is a fancy way of saying it's a centralized software program that connects all student information systems and core business functions across Delta State University. Banner is used by administrative staff, advisors and faculty across the DSU campus. Banner maintains student, alumni, financial and personnel data. 


Banner itself is broken into several modules that roughly correspond with different departments .

  • Banner Student contains student, course and other academic data, and it supports advising, course scheduling, registration, grading and other academic activities at the university. 
  • Banner Student Accounts Receivable is a subset of Banner Student that we use to track students’ bills for tuition, housing and other fees. 
  • Banner Financial Aid is what Student Financial Services uses to track the financial aid packages provided to students, manage their scholarships and work-study awards, and provide student financial reports to the federal government.
  • Banner Human Resources stores employee data — including information about faculty, staff and student workers — and helps HR manage processes like onboarding and offboarding employees. 
  • Banner Finance contains the financial, accounting and budget data for the university. It’s used by Finance and Administration to ensure we’re paying our bills, tracking university expenses and staying within our budget, along with other financial matters. 


Access to banner: Access to Banner is located securely under the MyDSU portal. Banner is located inside the DSU portal on the left hand side. 




For more detailed information please check out the User Guide to Banner below: