Banner is the University’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  This system processes information from all aspects of the University.  Business functions used by this system range from Payroll, Finance, Student Records, Academic History, Accounts Receivable, and many more areas.

User Access/Security is based on the employee’s role and job function at the University.  Banner access for an employee is setup based on the job function of the employee.  Additional access/security requested must be approved by the appropriate area which maintains the records for that area.  Below are the areas of Banner and the departments responsible for approving access to those specific areas: 


Banner Area 


Student Records 



Undergraduate/Graduate Admissions 

Accounts Receivable 

Student Business Services 

Finance/Budget Operations 

University Accounting 


University Accounting 

Employee Records 

Human Resources 

Academic History 


Course/Section administration 

Academic Affairs