What is OkraMail?


OkraMail is Delta State University’s student email system where every DSU student is given a unique email account.  This e-mail address is your lifeline to the University and will be the means for official communication between DSU students and the campus including Faculty, Administration, and fellow students.

Delta State requires that I have an official email address. How do I get one?

Email addresses and accounts are created within 24 hours of being officially accepted by the university.  When your email is created, you will receive instructions in your personal email account on how to access the university system.  If you are unsure of whether you have been officially accepted by the university, contact the admissions office at 662-846-4020.

How do I access my OkraMail email?

Please visit the MyDSU page which can be found on the top of the DSU homepage at www.deltastate.edu.

How do I get OkraMail email on my mobile device?

Visit the Add email to mobile device article. 

My OkraMail isn’t working! What do I do?

Contact the helpdesk at 662-846-4444 by phone or submit a ticket

How do I get access to email’s and information saved on my OkraMail account if I am a former student of one or more years?

Email is active to students for up to one year after the last date of attendance.  Students are required to move any needed email prior to the one year date.